4 Tips to Prepare Your Items for a Storage Facility

A storage unit is a perfect solution for people who are moving and want to store their items temporarily while unpacking or for a long time as a solution to their clutter as they relocate to a new apartment. The storage facilities offer a solution to people who are moving locally or internationally, but they want to downsize to a smaller house. However, you don’t want to toss your items to the storage unit without proper preparation. You need to prepare your items before paying for movers and storage services to protect them from damages.

1. Research storage restrictions
One of the things that you must not forget when preparing your belongings for a storage unit is doing your homework on restrictions. You need to know the accepted items and those that cannot be stored at the storage facility. The movers and storage Calgary services that you hire should inform you of their restrictions. However, if they don’t tell you, you should inquire. For instance, most movers and storage facilities don’t accept the storage of hazardous or delicate items such as paint, explosives, gasoline, chemicals, narcotics, and fireworks among others.

2. Decide the personal items to put in storage units
The next step when preparing belongings for storage facilities is deciding the things that you want to store. For starters, you need to know that the more the items you wish to store, the larger the storage you will need. Consequently, the bigger the storage unit you require, the higher the charges. Therefore, if you are working on a tight budget, you can consider storing a few items so that you can save on the storage unit charges. You can donate or sell the items that don’t have sentimental value so that you can also raise extra cash to cater for the moving or storage fees.

3. Create an inventory list of all items
Most people forget to list the items they have stored or plan to store in a storage unit because of the activities involved during a move. Therefore, before you pack your belongings, make sure you have an inventory list of all the things you plan to store even if they are small items. It is wise to keep a copy of the items and leave the other inside the unit.

4. Clean everything
The chances are that the items you store in a storage unit will remain there for quite some time. Perhaps, you will keep the items for several months or a year. As such, you don’t want your belongings to get musty while in the unit. You can avoid this by cleaning, vacuuming, and drying all your belongings thoroughly before placing them inside the storage units. While at it, don’t forget to store them in quality packing materials to prevent damage.

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